Monday, 16 July 2012

Taurus Man Scorpio Woman

Human beings are not meant to be alone, it is just not our fate. Our lives are continually shaped by interactions with other people. Most of our relationships are due to a greater force. After all here on this earth we are not allowed to pick our parents, children, siblings and co-workers.

Now what about the relationships we can pick. Do you believe we can use astrology to pick which friends, neighbors, bosses and especially a lover or spouse would be best suited for us? It would be great to interact with people who share the same energies and chemistry as we do. Compatibility can go a long way to adding good health and contentment to our lives. Nothing is perfect in this world and there are so many things we cannot control, but let's take a deeper look at how we can use astrology to guide us.

What if we could be mind readers and know in advance whether we would be able to really get along with someone? After all did you ever meet a person whose personality traits drove you crazy? Sometimes taurus man scorpio woman grate on your nerves to the point that you just cannot bear to be around them. Through astrology you can understand a lot of great information about people: emotional, spiritual, intellectual, financial, and sexual. It might not always be right on, but it is interesting and informative to evaluate astrological clues.

According to research these are some great sign mates for love between men and women:

#1. Scorpio Man/Scorpio Woman--Fireworks are everlasting!

#2. Sagittarius Man/Pisces Woman--Very compatible, great marriage choice.

#3. Libra Man/Capricorn Woman--Very positive HOT union, great for the long term marriage.

#4. Aries Man/Aries Woman--Great chemistry, love at first sight, great for the long term and for marriage.

#5. Aquarius Man/Libra Woman--Sizzle in bed, great in marriage.

#6. Aquarius Man/Taurus Woman--Enchanting relationship. Support each other even though they can be different; amazingly enough these two really hit it off.

#7. Scorpio Man/Virgo Woman--Best of friends, loyal, romantic and good marriage partners.

#8. Taurus Man/Aquarius Woman--Spirit of freedom, intimate, share a down-to-earth philosophy.

#9. Aries Man/Leo Woman--Passionate relationship, plenty of sparks! Both have great admiration for each other.

#10. Scorpio Man/Cancer Woman--Heartfelt relationship, greatest of friends and lovers.

These are just some of the great male/female astrological love duos. Many astrological trait matches work because as you tune into the personality type of someone it is easier to live with them and see things from their point of view. Since the fourth century B.C. astrologers have used the stars and planets as guides, because of their impact and influence on the way we live our lives, and relate to each other. Astrologers believe the stars and planets can also give us insight into the future and especially to the future of our relationships.

Love, health and good luck to you.
If you're crazy about a Pisces man and he feels the same way about you, consider yourself a lucky lady. These men are unlike any other men on the astrological chart. Once you grab hold of the heart of a man like this and endear yourself to him, he'll want you forever. When it comes time to take your relationship to the next level, you should have a firm understanding of Pisces men and commitment. You can make a man like this your life partner if you know how to ensure he sees you as his one and only.

One of the most appealing things about a Pisces man is that he fits the ideal of what many women envision as their Prince Charming. When a Pisces man falls in love, it's enveloping. He'll cater to your every need and he'll love you unlike any other man could. He'll likely refer to you as his soul mate and he'll believe it with every part of him. Pisces men and commitment go hand-in-hand when he believes he's met the woman he's meant to be with. So how exactly do you show him that's who you are?

Pisces men need to have a very strong emotional connection with a woman before taurus woman scorpio man can commit themselves to her. Naturally, they are initially attracted to someone based on her appearance, but they absolutely need to feel that they are deeply connected on an emotional level. One important aspect of establishing this type of bond with your man is to always be open and honest with him. He needs and wants to feel like he's with the real you at all times. This can't be stressed enough when it comes to Pisces men and commitment. They can see through a false front and if they believe, even for a brief moment, that you're being dishonest, it can damage the relationship for good.

Being alone isn't something that men like this desire. scorpio woman taurus man become self critical and desperate when they feel they can't rely on the woman they're with. Make yourself available to him as much as you can. Be his number one fan and always support him in everything he does. Your strong and unwavering belief in him will be what drives him to succeed more in life. It will also be the thing that bonds you two closer and closer together.

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