Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Capricorn Man Pisces Woman

The capricorn man pisces woman is the most understanding and kindhearted sign of all the zodiacs. She is most eager and capable to listen to your problems and will offer you her eternal support and reassurance. What attracts a Pisces woman are usually simple, beautiful things. Their expressive sincerity can also become their utmost test since they tend to be in wide expanses and boundless depths. The Pisces female can explore about in a never-ending sea of emotions knowing no limits, resulting her to end up being spell bindingly engrossed that it could exhaust her liveliness, making her tender heart to withdraw into a self-imposed exile of seclusion. Poetry, I know. Their life is full of drama.

Now, what exactly attracts a Pisces woman? Since they are very submissive and vulnerable, a good listener and a charming friend. This is the most mystical of the signs and the Pisces girl wants a man who will protect and shield her from the harsh realities of the world. It's time to unleash your gallant gestures. The capricorn woman pisces man is a romantic and will be tremendously moved by your caring gestures and undying declarations of love, is conscious that there is another perfect world; as effect she can frequently sense to be overly held back.

When she becomes yours, expect that she will stand behind you no matter what your decisions would and expect her all-out support. A Piscean female will never try to control you but will appreciate the sweet small things you do for her. What attracts a Pisces woman is someone can love her fully, defend her and take good care of her. She will lean on you entirely, giving you all her confidence and strength. This can operate like a rock-hard self boost up to almost every male alive. She will always be very patient, with whom you can tell all your dreams, wishes and expectations.

How to win back love from a Pisces lover

The character type and personality traits of a pisces woman capricorn man are not much different from each other. Pisces are sensitive, intuitive and emotional. They also love the idea of romance and fantasy, and can often perversely enjoy the misery, pain and anguish of a break up. Any emotion, even negative ones, make them feel alive and vital.

To know how to get back together with either a Pisces man or Pisces women can be tricky, so you should try these top tips to help.

How to get an ex back - Top Tips


Both the Pisces man and the Pisces woman are highly intuitive and often psychic. Because of this they can sense emotions, feelings and motivations of their partners easily. This leaves no room for any form of deception or dishonesty. So you need to be completely honest and trust your instincts in your approach to winning back the heart of a Pisces lover.


Pisces love the idea of old fashioned romance and often believe they are living a romantic novel existence. Pander to this and woo them in the old fashioned way. Win back their heart with gifts of flowers, write a poem for them, or send them a sentimental gift as a reminder of your happy times together.


Most Pisceans cannot resist a sob story and make incredible listeners, counsellors and advisors. They have tremendous empathy with people in pain and will do their utmost to help. So you will need to turn this to your advantage and present yourself as the sob story. Tell them, (but only if it is true), that you are hurting because of the break up and need them to help. They will be unable to resist.
The secret behind a good steady relation is the compatibility of their zodiacs. It is inevitable that some signs share a perfect relation which can give you a great life ahead. Low compatibility between stars does not mean that it is impossible for the relation to survive but involves loads of compromises. It all depends on what you would like to go for. If you are in love with a Capricorn, then it is always best to know their traits and love aspects to have a great start to a new beginning. Capricorn is the zodiac of people whose birth date is between 22nd of December to 20th of January. The onset of a new year itself depicts the ambitious nature of such people. Perfect resolution at the beginning of the year, they are people with a great sense of practicality. In order to achieve their goals, they follow a disciplined and careful life.

A Capricorn man or woman is very systematic and well planned. A malleable person socially, their positive attitude is appreciated by people around them. Since both are more practical than emotional, relationships are not very exciting. A Capricorn partner has respect for the partner and is careful not to hurt the other partner. But this sense of defensive and possessiveness can sometimes cause trouble in romance. Your love life would be a sparkling affair if you take initiatives to show your affection and care through actions instead of words.

Capricorns are very attractive and draws attention very well. So don't be very possessive about your partner. A Capricorn gives 100% to a relation so have faith in your partner. At times they can be jealous, but once made comfortable would be closer than the world's biggest hug!

At the end it is all a matter of commitment, love and understanding between the two partners. Capricorns although, are slightly away from being very romantic and that is why probably makes a great pair with Pisces Virgo and Scorpio who can be the best candle night dinner partners. However the best relation shared is with Scorpio. With a Scorpio, a Capricorn would share a high emotional and sensitive understanding which is an important key to a long lasting relation. If you are an Aries, think a hundred times before stepping into a relation. Even the most casual conversation can lead to a huge tornado. Since they share different sexual behaviours with Gemini, things could be difficult to handle. With Cancers too they get bored of their extra romantic and dreamy personality. But they share a great sexual relation with Libra. Capricorns get attracted to good financial back ups. So young boys and girls, work hard to make your Capricorn partner happy!


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